About our “Needs & Options Review” – The Essential First Step to a Successful Project

When considering an addition or a new home, most people have no idea where to start, let alone how to set a course for success. My “Needs & Options Review” is The Easy-Peasy, Painless, Low cost, No-commitment Solution that answers the questions, uncovers the mysteries, identifies the hurdles and costs, and Sets the Course for Success for any and every Residential Construction Project.

Please call 203.227.9817 or email John@JohnJonesAIA.com for current pricing!

Be sure to check out https://johnjonesaia.com/next-steps/ !

For January-February 2017, $975 typically will get you the full “N-O-R Package”, which includes:

  • An In-Home (or On-Site) Consultation,
  • Listening to your goals, needs, and priorities,
  • A walk-through to Understand the structure and potential of your home (or building site),
  • Discussing the budget and relative ballpark costs,
  • “Fast-Feedback” (my architectural “gut reaction” and ideas you likely haven’t considered),
  • a Follow up Report that summarizes all of the above – plus – Next Steps for Success, Potential Regulatory Hurdles, and a no-obligation proposal to complete the Architectural Design for you!

This work is part of what any responsible architect would do; I offer it as a stand alone service, as BENEFIT to you, without no further commitment required.

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