Before & After 2 (aka, Hide & Seek)…

After getting such positive feedback on our original “Before & After” post [], I thought we should keep the fun going. Who doesn’t like a little brain challenge now and then? To your mental health!!!

So once again … Can you see the “old” within the “new” in these additions we’ve done???

This modular second floor was carefully designed to go over an existing tiny ranch. The interplay with the angled “stick-built” garage and entry helped create a natural covered entry and a balcony off the master (over left garage). Who said modulars all look the same?

In this addition/facelift, the owner wanted to get rid of the garrison colonial look (second floor overhanging the first). A welcoming covered porch to the front door (and new mudroom), while adding to the left side allowed for a home office on the first floor, and updated master suite, with WIC and master bath above. And look how we relocated a window in perfect rhythm with the others above the porch (I was so happy when I measured that out and saw the “fit”!

This Builder Spec House was within a regulated wetlands area, so we could only build upon the existing footprint. We also had to keep the first floor walls intact, so I had to develop a tricky structural detail to increase the first floor ceiling height from less than 8′ to 9′.


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