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John Jones in Westport, CT on Houzz
John Jones in Westport, CT on Houzz

No ego here… I am most happy when I listen to your needs, add value to your goals from my experience, and see you smile when it’s all done. Often I am asked, “what style of architecture do you do”. It’s not about that – it’s listening, understanding, knowing the process, and doing it.

With over 24 years of my own practice, I’ve become an expert in Lower Fairfield County zoning and regulatory peculiarities. It’s at the intersection of each client’s wish-list and challenging zoning restrictions where the true creative in me kicks in and brings reason, passion, and life to the final design.

It’s your project – Let my leadership, creativity and experience bring about the successful results you so desire.


Creativity. Passion. And a lot of Coffee.


Our design philosophy is quite simple: “Listen. Listen again. Keep Listening.” The thoughtful, creative solutions we provide only hit the mark when they respond truly to the unique needs and challenges presented by each project.

Communicating the design back to you for your feedback is critical as well. While some architects are just getting into 3D modeling, we’ve been designing with state of the art 3D software for over a dozen years now. Your project is too important – you need to see it and understand it BEFORE it is built!


I could bore you with details and stats of my experience and qualifications… instead, here’s a fact:

The Chief Zoning Officer of one of our neighboring towns just recently hired me to design an addition for his growing family. Let’s recap: the top zoning official who reviews plans by HUNDREDS of architects each year, hired John Jones Architect LLC for his own project. ‘Nuff said.


Our “Builder’s Set” of drawings is anything but. You need the guys in the field to understand their work and not have a million questions. Each project set coming out of this office is carefully thought through in how the design is communicated to each person on the job.

In addition, all wood structural framing is done in-house, saving you the additional cost of a structural engineer. The structure is considered throughout the design process – not as an after-thought.

I feel like in all the flurry of finishing our addition we never got the chance to say THANK YOU for what an incredible job you did with this very quirky house-we LOVE it and really enjoy living in the space

Beth B.· Greenwich

…The best word to describe your services is PERFECTION… if it wasn’t for your never-say-die attitude, this project would never have happened. You guys were so thorough and easy to work with, and really CARED as if the project was your own… I’m looking forward to working together on our next project.

Tom Y.· Norwalk

John completed an entire renovation of our home. We purchased a 1000sf house and turned it into a 4200sf home. He was patient and understanding with my requests and professional and diligent with his services. He was always on time and also available for any questions/concerns I had.
I would highly recommend him for any job you are considering.

Kari J.· Darien

About John Jones Architect LLC

Our job is to turn your ideas and aspirations into imaginative, workable solutions – and it’s what we love to do. When you contact us, we will run through a “reality check” with you on the phone to establish the approximate size of the project to make sure we can help you. If that conversation is positive, we arrange to meet to discuss what you and any others involved (often your family) want to achieve both now, and in the future. We’ll walk around your building or plot, talk about your own ideas, and often come up with some that you may not have thought of. 

Your First Steps to Designing Your New Home

We prepared this guide after seeing so many people struggle with understanding the design and construction process. This process can seem like a complex and frightening roadblock for those who haven’t been through it before. This guide will help you get started off on the right foot.

Nothing is more exciting than creating a new project for your business or personal life, and nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right preparation.

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