A New Beginning!

Architecture, as a profession, is always filled with new beginnings.  I truly get excited about each and every project I take on — I put all I am into creatively solving problems for my clients.  As I design spaces, I “live in them”, in my head first, long before each person or family gets to enjoy the outcome of this wonderful process of design.

But today is a different kind of new beginning for John Jones Architect LLC, and one that I’m excited to share with you.  We’ve just moved into a new office space at 965 Post Road East in Westport.  Route 1, right by the Connector.  The center of the town I love.  This new location is the right move for so many reasons:  It offers a larger, more comfortable space for client and team meetings; it is more central and accessible to the many projects I have around town; it offers a peaceful, quiet atmosphere where I can more effectively focus on creative exploration as well as collaborate with others.  And like with all new beginnings, there is renewed vision, motivation, and inspiration!

So, if you are client – past, present or future –, an associate, or a friend, please feel free to stop by and say “hi” and grab a coffee or tea… just shoot an email to John@JohnJonesAIA.com or call 203.227.9817 to give a head’s up and make sure I’m not out on a jobsite!

Have a friend in Westport considering designing a new home or major addition?  Please point them to my First Steps Guide or, if they are ready to explore actual options, my Needs and Options Review.  See you soon!

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